Airborne geochemical survey

Aerochem is a time and cost efficient innovation that allows us to collect stream sediment samples from the air.

Aurora Geosciences Ltd, in conjunction with Capital Helicopters (1995) Inc. developed an airborne stream sediment sampling method to provide a time and cost efficient solution, especially in remote regions, rugged terrain or dense vegetation. In August of 2015 and in the Kluane area near Burwash Landing, YT and Destruction Bay, YT, Aurora Geosciences tested whether the data gathered by the airborne technique are equivalent to the conventional hand sampling results.

Aerochem allows the pilot of an R44 helicopter to collect material from the air using a remote aerial excavatar (R.A.E.) attached to a long line. The result is a time and cost efficient solution for your geometrical program, especially in remote regions, suggest terrain or dense vegetation.