Kennady Diamonds

Kennady North Project

The Kennady North Project is located 280 kilometers east-northeast of Yellowknife, NT in the District of Mackenzie. The Kennady North project consists of 16 mineral leases and 58 mineral claims totaling 61,000 hectares.


Kennady North covers a portion of the southeastern Slave Geological Province, an Archean terrain ranging in age from 4.03 Ga to 2.55. The area consists of granodiorite intrusions, high grade gneisses and migmatites, with volcanic and sedimentary supracrustal rocks typical of many greenstones belts in the Slave Province.

Project History

The Kennady North Project has been the focus of numerous exploration programs since 1992, culminating with the discovery of the Kelvin and Faraday kimberlites. Exploration activity was suspended in 2003 and resumed in 2011. Exploration work has been performed by a number of operators. Initial exploration was conducted under the direction of Mountain Province Diamonds as the 100 percent owner. Subsequent to the formation of a joint venture with De Beers in 1997, De Beers Canada conducted exploration activity. In 2005, Mountain Province resumed 100 percent control over the Kennady North Project and supervised exploration through to May 2012, when Kennady Diamonds Inc. was established.

Aurora Geosciences has been intimately engaged in the exploration, project management, and technical program design for the past 4 years, and is embarking on it's fifth season at Kennady Lake.  The project recently won Mines and Money Magazines "Exploration Project of the Year" award for 2016.  Dr. Rory Moore (KDI President and CEO and Director) gave this testamonial in his reception of the award. 

"Aurora Geosciences Ltd. (‘Aurora’), which has designed and implemented all of the exploration programs on the property since 2012. “Gary Vivian, the President of Aurora, and Chris Hrkac, Senior Project Manager for the Kennady North Project together with their team, deserve the lion’s share of credit for the successes that Kennady has enjoyed to date. Their innovative, systematic and dedicated approach to a technically challenging project has resulted in new and unique discoveries, and earned Aurora the respect of its peers in the industry.”

Aurora Geosciences is proud to be part of the Kennady Diamonds Project, and look forward to continued success on the project.