Eureka Resources Inc.

Tak Project

Aurora Geosciences managed the planning and execution of Eureka's airborne geophysical survey as well as the geological sampling, mapping, prospecting, and geochemical sampling on the Tak Property over the course of the 2017 season as well as the ongoing exploration efforts on the property.

The Tak property consists of 82 mining claims covering 1,722 hectares (4,253 acres) and extends northeast from Ballarat Creek, 4.7 kms north of the Yukon River. Elevations range from 650 metres along lower Tak Creek to 1,200 metres along a ridgeline in the eastern area of the property. Placer leases cover the lower reaches of Ballarat Creek and placer claims in good standing extend upstream. Active placer mining occurs upstream as well. The Tak property is 9 kms northeast of the Coffee Creek airstrip.

Past exploration along the west side of Ballarat Creek has consisted of ground magnetometer surveying for concentrations of magnetic black sand known to be associated with placer gold deposits. The exploration identified a strong magnetic anomaly directly east of the Tak property.