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Magazine profiles Aurora’s “secret sauce”

The current issue of Business Elite Canada features a 9-page article about how Aurora Geosciences produces exceptional results. The article picks up where Kennady Diamonds President and CEO Dr. Rory Moore left off when he said Aurora "…deserve the lion's share of credit for the successes that Kennady has enjoyed to date."

In Exploring North of 60, the author writes: "The Kennady Diamond partnership is a great example of Aurora’s working philosophy in action, which is to stand out with new, fresh, and innovative approach to old challenges." She goes on to examine the innovative approaches and methodologies that lead Aurora to surprising results and, ultimately, new discoveries. That approach is summarized in the words of President Dave White "Unless you can think of something new to try, you’re going to keep getting the same answers as before."

The article concludes with a history of innovative techniques, adaptations and technological applications used by the company over the past 25 years.